Solar Heating

Powering your heat pump with solar energy has never been easier thanks to emerce PV heating. Our solar heating draws energy from exhaust air generated both within the family home and from the sun, meaning your household will gain a much more efficient way of warming up and cooling down as required. When it comes to maximizing energy efficiency and saving money all at once, we can offer you solar system heating that’s unrivalled. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can solar heat your home?

    Yes, solar panels can also be used to heat your home. In many countries around the world, heating activities are one of the largest consumers of energy. For instance, in the case of South Africa, the winters can be quite cold. In this case, heating activities consume a lot of energy. You can make use of solar PV panels in order to meet all your heating needs. If you are already using solar panels to generate electricity for your home, then you can simply add a couple of more panels in order to meet your heating needs. A great example is to have your heating unit (aircon, heater or underfloor heating) running during sunlight hours ensuring that it uses solar energy to heat your home.

    The products offered by emerce allow you to heat your house using the energy provided by the sun. The necessary electricity for solar heating is provided to the heat pump by using the solar power generated by the home energy kits. Visit the emerce online shop to learn more about our products.