Hungarian government plans to catch up on solar

Through new government grants, Hungary set a 6GW goal for solar energy until the year 2030. The country currently only has a 2 GW capacity.

Last month, the Hungarian government with László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology in Csorna, announced plans to reach triple the capacity of solar energy until 2030. The project aims to install mass amounts solar energy both in the industrial sector and private households. To push the installation on private rooftops, the government plans to support homeowners with non-refundable subsidies.

By increasing its solar energy capacity, Hungary will reach a rate of 90% carbon-free electricity output until 2030, in combination with nuclear energy. Minister Palkovics adds that the initiative to increase solar production capacities will aid Europe in becoming a bigger player in the solar market – he sees solar as essential for the industrial policy of Hungary.

If projects such as this one succeed, a major step toward a sustainable future is made.

January 27th, 2021
Source: CE Energy News;


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