Heatpump Vanvex 260 R

Heatpump Vanvex 260 R

Domestic hot water heat pump with an integrated 260 liter hot water tank
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    Vanvex 260 R is a domestic hot water heat pump with an integrated 260 liter hot water tank, exhaust air fan, heat pump, and supplementary heating in the shape of an electric heater. Vanvex 260 R can, with its modern design and practical pipe placement, easily be installed in the basement, technical room, or utility room. With its 260 liter hot water tank the Vanvex 260 R easily covers the needs of a normal household. Vanvex 260 R is a very energy efficient domestic hot water heat pump which utilizes the energy from the outside air to heat water for domestic use. The heat pump heats water in a very energy saving way with an efficiency (COP) of 3,69 at air temperature 7°C and water temperature from 10°C to 53,5°C. The heat pump can produce 260 litres of hot water in 09:15 hours and at a water temperature of 53,5˚C. The capacity depends on the inlet air temperature, the inlet water temperature and the use pattern. If all the hot water in the tank is used it is possible to activate a 1,5 kW electric heater, which contributes to faster heating of the water. When the desired temperature is reached the electric heater can be turned off again. Water temperature with heat pump only, max.: 60 °C Water temperature with heat pump + electric heater, max.: 65 °C

  • Specifications


    Nominal air flow rate 450 (0-800) m³/h
    Tank volume (heat pump) 260 liters
    Dimensions 620 x 1960 mm
    Refrigerant type (heat pump) R134a
    Operating temperature range -7C - 40°C
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