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We have everything for your installation project covered so you can benefit from our one-stop-shop online. emerce boasts a comprehensive product portfolio including PV installation, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and E-Mobility, all premium goods designed to deliver the highest ROI – value that you can pass on to your customers. Provision of professional tools for the planning of smart energy systems is also included – based on 35 years of experience from our parent company SMA Solar Technology AG. Soon, we will also offer additional services such as cleaning and maintenance, insurance, and theft protection, you can trust us to help improve your solar installation business.



Logistics and transport you can trust

Reliable logistics and transport through our partners are a cornerstone of the emerce service. With our platform, you can check stock availability, place and track orders online easily. After that, expect only fast and punctual delivery by local partners via guaranteed on-site warehousing. 


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Training through our eAcademy

For installers who would like to educate themselves further, we have created our professional solar systems installer training center. At our eAcademy, you can watch and enjoy how-to videos made by us and our premium supplier partners that will help provide you with ideas and information on how best to improve your solar installation business. Participate in emerce webinars and seminars to acquire new skills and know-how while also gaining access to the knowledge and expertise that exists within the SMA Solar Academy itself! Bolster your skills as a professional solar systems installer with training from emerce.

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As an emerce partner, you’ll get all you need to grow your business at one convenient online location. We are here to take the next steps with you into a brighter future and make your smart energy business more profitable.


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How the power of the sun can be stored and used effectively for commercial applications

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why partnering with emerce?

    Partnering with emerce provides your solar business with the opportunity to realise its true potential. emerce aims to connect a wide range of stakeholders, including solar installers, sellers, and consumers. emerce allows you to access all things solar on a single platform. emerce offers an exclusive online shop that will help you in meeting all your product needs. emerce offers a wide range of high-quality products for the solar industry. Our offerings include solar panels, batteries, digital components, predefined kits, and mounting systems. 

    In addition, emerce has also launched an eAcademy in order to train PV professionals. The eAcademy offers a range of training solutions such as videos and webinars. This eAcademy could prove to be an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to enter the solar energy industry. 

    Signing up as a solar installer with emerce is free and easy. You simply need to register, and you’ll receive a personal account immediately. If you have any questions regarding the online shop, please feel free to contact our team.

  • How can I increase my PV knowhow?

    There are two major ways in which you can increase your PV knowhow. The first way is to join a professional course that allows you to learn about the industry. There are several universities and education institutions that offer specialised courses related to solar energy. These courses can range from a few months to a couple of years. You need to choose the course that is most suited to your requirements. You could enrol for one such course and develop your knowledge related to the industry. 

    Alternatively, you could make use of online learning techniques in order to increase your PV knowhow. Many companies in the solar energy space allow you to access learning material from the comfort of your home. For example, our eAcademy allows you to learn about the industry and its key workings. The eAcademy offers a wide range of resources, including webinars and how-to videos. These resources could help you in increasing your knowledge and becoming an expert in the PV space. This option is extremely convenient and can be accessed from anywhere.

  • What is sector coupling?

    Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are likely to replace fossil fuels over the next few decades. This change will not only be limited to the field of electricity generation, but will also span other areas such as transportation, manufacturing, and heating. It is a well-known fact that solar energy systems have the ability to capture energy from the sun and store it. However, not many people are aware of the fact that this energy can also be converted and used in other allied sectors. This can be achieved using the right techniques, such as power-to-heat technology, power-to-cool and power-to-gas like hydrogen.

    The idea of connecting the energy sector with other allied industries such as heating and transportation is known as sector coupling. This phenomenon is gaining traction around the world. It is becoming quite popular in emerging markets such as South Africa, where electric vehicles are already being powered by solar energy. Sector coupling could prove to be extremely beneficial in such markets, as it could reduce the costs of travel while also preserving the environment. 

    Using sector coupling technologies, the electricity produced by solar systems can be converted into heat, gas, and liquids. These by-products can then be used to power manufacturing units and large heating plants. Thus, sector coupling has the ability to transform the energy industry as a whole. More information about our smart energy products is available on the emerce online shop.