Hungarian households went big – demand is rising for higher performance systems

According to a recent survey conducted among Hungarians, most households would only require a 6-kW system to cover the electricity bill. However, last year inverters with an 8- or 10-kW performance were really popular. What might be the cause?

In the past, households only wanted to cover the electricity bill with solar power. Today they plan ahead: they would also like the heating, the AC and the charging of their e-car to run on green energy as well. It is natural that they turn to the higher performance systems that can be expanded in the future.

The research mentioned on portfolio.hu concluded that an 8-kW system could cover the electricity bill, as well as the good portion of the heating. With 10 kW you can cover both, and a household equipped with a 12-kW inverter will be able to charge an e-car too. There was a precedent of a 20-kW system being installed last year, but in this extreme case everything in the house ran on electricity, the heating, the cooling, the water heating and the charging of e-cars included.

It is always good to read such news, because the trend towards solar energy not only benefits the people, the environment and us, but solar installers like you too. As an emerce partner you will be able to provide these bigger performance inverters, as well as solar heating systems for your clients. Visit our webstore to find out more!

Source: portfolio.hu

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