New solar tender on the horizon

The European Union and the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology are once again launching a tender for the installation of household solar panels. The aim is to halve the electricity bill of Hungarian households.

What do we know so far?

87,000 Hungarian families can receive non-refundable EU support. Of these, 70,000 of them can install solar panels, while the remaining 17,000 families will receive money to electrify their heating system and combine it with solar systems.

The target audience of the tender will be families living below the national average income. After the installation of the solar system, it is expected that the cost of the energy consumption of the family home will decrease by 40-50% – it is expected that the support intensity of the application will be adjusted accordingly, which will be partially (or fully) non-refundable and in a post-financed form: it must be paid in advance and the amount of the EU grant will be credited to the applicant's bank account afterwards.


What metering will be used?

It is worth noting that, according to previous promises, net metering will be phased out by the end of 2023, and gross metering will be introduced under legislation that will take effect in 2024. In the case of solar panels installed under the current tender, gross settlement will already be used.


What's the difference between net and gross metering?

With net-metering, connections are made in a manner that allows only surplus to be sold to the grid after the building's own electricity demand has been met. In gross-metering, the PV system has direct connection to the utility grid, with the entire output being transferred to the energy retailer.

During this period, a large recovery is expected in the solar market, as the tender provides an opportunity to replace the significant part* of the average annual overhead costs of HUF 290-410 thousand. And this is an opportunity that will help not only the solar industry and households, but also our fragile planet.

*half or 2/3, depending on the electricity consumption of the household

Source: https://kormany.hu/hirek/uj-palyazat-varhato-nyaron-lakossagi-napelemes-rendszerek-tamogatasara

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