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Solar Battery Storages

High-quality batteries are essential to the performance and durability of any solar energy system. emerce solar batteries not only offer superior power and efficiency but also the highest security standard. Environmentally friendly and scalable to your needs, our battery storage units maximize your own energy usage while at the same time keeping costs to a minimum.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are solar batteries?

    Solar batteries are an excellent way to store energy for future use. These batteries have the capacity to store the excess energy generated by solar panels. These batteries ensure that you do not send over any excess generated electricity back to the grid. Storing excess energy helps you in dealing with all sorts of power issues. Solar batteries come in a range of sizes, right from tiny batteries to large ones. You must choose a battery that meets your consumption needs. This helps you in maximising your economic benefit.

    These batteries also prove to be highly useful during power outages. When you suffer from a power cut, solar batteries can power an entire home for a certain period of time. emerce provides you with a range of solar batteries to choose from. You can log on to our online shop and order the solar battery that is most suited to your needs. The batteries available in our shop are available in different sizes.

  • What is the best battery for solar power?

    There are numerous options available in the market when it comes to batteries for solar power. These include Lead-acid batteries and Lithium-Ion batteries. You need to choose the most appropriate one based on your specific requirements. There are four major aspects of a battery that you need to assess before making your decision. The first aspect is the capacity of the battery. You must choose a battery according to your needs. Should you want to go off-grid then you will need to have a higher battery capacity than just needing a battery for power outages. The second aspect is the depth of discharge. This refers to the percentage of the battery’s charge that is usable. A higher depth of discharge means that you can use more power from it.

    The third aspect that could help you in deciding the best battery is the cycle life. Lithium-Ion batteries have a cycle life between 4000 and 6000, while Lead-acid batteries tend to have a cycle life between 800 and 3000. It is always better to choose batteries that last for a long time. You need to compare the warranties of different batteries before making your decision. The final aspect is the power that can be provided in a single moment. Batteries that have a higher power rating can help you smoothly running large appliances.

    Overall, emerce recommends that Lithium-Ion batteries are the most suited for solar energy. This is because such batteries are safer to use indoors, have a smaller footprint, a long life, and little maintenance. These features make Lithium-Ion batteries the best choice out there in the market. If you don’t want to opt for a Lithium-Ion battery, we have other options available, including Lead-acid batteries. For more information about these batteries, please visit the emerce online shop.

  • Is it worth getting solar batteries?

    Individuals who choose to install solar modules in their households can either export the excess electricity to the grid or store it using solar batteries. These batteries are designed to help you conserve electricity and even allow you to use it later. Solar batteries ensure that you can store the energy produced by the panels safely. 

    Such a storage solution can help you in becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy. Also, such batteries prove to be extremely useful when your energy needs are at their peak. During peak times, your solar panels may not be able to meet your energy requirements. Your storage solution can then fill this gap.    

    Thus, it is definitely worth getting solar batteries as they offer numerous benefits. However, it is very important to choose the right battery size that helps you manage your energy needs. Please visit the emerce online shop to compare and analyze the different types of solar batteries available.  

  • How much is a solar battery?

    The actual cost of a solar battery varies depending on the type of battery in question. Some of the largest batteries available in the market can cost more compared to smaller ones. Long-lasting batteries with a higher efficiency rate  are also likely to cost more than their lower rates counterparts.  

    emerce offers solar batteries that can meet all your electricity needs and allow you to store energy for future use. For more information about cost and the batteries’ key features, please visit the emerce online shop. You can also contact our support team in case you have any queries.  

  • Are lithium batteries the same as lithium-ion?

    Yes, lithium-ion batteries are the same as lithium batteries. There are numerous benefits of installing a lithium-ion battery because they have a long-life span, low cost of maintenance as well as a high level of efficiency. In fact, lithium-ion batteries have become fairly popular in solar energy systems around the world. These batteries are now often being preferred over others, such as AGM batteries. 

  • Is it dangerous to open a lithium battery?

    Yes, it can be extremely dangerous to open a lithium battery. You must be extremely careful while dealing with these batteries because they include materials that can damage your skin. This happens because of the lithium contained in the battery that can react with the oxygen in the air and even catch fire.  

    Therefore, it is advisable for your own safety to not open a lithium battery. In case you really need to open such a battery, it is recommended to seek help from an expert who can repair the battery for you. If in doubt, refer to the after-sales service partner of your battery manufacturer. For more information about the different kinds of lithium-ion batteries in the market, please visit the emerce online shop.