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Solar Battery Inverters

Having the right battery inverters will make your solar energy system affordable as well as high-performance. Utilizing proven technology, along with our fast installation times, allows us to provide battery inverters you can rely on. Simple commissioning via web interface plus on- and off-grid usability mean that convenience from the products we manufacture is second to none. Flexible use and backed up by extended warranty, emerce battery inverters are the intelligent solution for your solar power needs.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are battery inverters?

    Battery inverters are a critical component of the solar energy system. These inverters manage the charging as well as the discharging of the battery bank. These battery inverters differ from solar inverters. While regular inverters convert DC into AC, battery inverters also have the ability to convert AC into DC. This function is used to charge up the battery bank. Battery inverters are used to capture the excess solar energy and store it for later use.

    Battery inverters are designed in such a manner that they can be easily fitted into existing solar energy systems. They play an extremely important role in the solar energy cycle. This is why the quality of battery inverters should be of the highest quality with the best warranty. emerce marketplace offers a wide range of battery inverters to its partners and customers. emerce’s battery inverters work with different types of batteries. The battery inverters are also compatible with off-grid and standalone power systems.   

  • Do inverters charge batteries?

    Yes, solar inverters are designed to charge batteries. This can be achieved by using them in combination with battery inverters. The primary purpose of solar inverters is to convert DC into AC. However, battery inverters have the ability to convert the AC back into DC. This reverse conversion becomes extremely useful in case you want to store the power for future use.  You will store your excess solar power in batteries (as DC power) and then convert that back to usable AC power when needed, by a battery inverter. This feature keeps you covered for instances like power outages and long rainy seasons.

    emerce offers battery inverters that will help you in storing your excess energy in batteries. Our offerings include string PV inverters, as well as off-grid/backup battery inverters. We can help you in finding the perfect partner for your solar energy needs. For more information about our inverter and optimiser offerings, please visit our online shop.

  • What batteries are best for inverters?

    There are various types of batteries available in the market. The most commonly used ones are lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and saltwater batteries. Each battery has its own advantages and disadvantages. You must assess your energy needs before deciding for one of them. 

    If you compare these three, you will find that lithium-ion batteries are the most suitable for solar inverters because of several reasons. While lasting for a long period of time, they still manage to retain their efficiency. This means, that they are very cost-effective in the long run and easy to maintain. For more information about the different types of Lithium-Ion batteries, please visit the emerce online shop.  

  • Are solar inverters bad for your battery?

    Inverters are one of the most important components of a solar PV plant and help you powering your appliances. Still, there is a common misconception that inverters are bad for your battery. In fact, solar inverters are not bad for your battery as long as you choose the right one for your needs. Further, it’s important that installation has been done correctly. A well-installed inverter does not harm your battery. It only draws the optimum amount of power from the battery and helps you with conserving energy for your domestic use. Therefore, it is important to choose the most appropriate inverter for your energy needs and get it installed by an expert.  

    This will minimize the risks associated with the installation and help you get the most out of it. You can compare and purchase the different types of power inverters at the emerce online shop or contact us for related queries.