Solar gift for Kinshasa

These are the plans for the city

Felix Tshisekedi, President of DRC, has presented the inhabitants  of Kinshasa with a marvelous gift. The President flagged off the construction of a Solar Power Plant that will generate a massive 600MW of power to electrify the Solar City.    

The futuristic green energy project is part of the “Kinshasa Solar City” project, which was initiated by the company Sun Plus, a subsidiary of The Sandi Group (TSG), in partnership with the city of Kinshasa and the National Electricity Company (SNEL).  

The construction of this solar power project is set to finish in less than a year. The project will contribute to the initiative to illuminate the non-powered areas of the DRC. As part of this project, 1000MWp will be produced through several sites in the city of Kinshasa.  

Source: The Southern Times Africa