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Solar Energy Packages

Looking for intelligent energy systems to keep costs down? We can help! Each of our solar energy packages comes pre-designed with high-quality components that are easy to install and technical tested for optimum efficiency. There is also minimal planning effort needed on your part prior to installation, and we even offer high warranties, so you always feel confident in your customers investment decisions. Discover the right solar panel kit for you with emerce.

Frequently askes questions

  • What are solar energy packages?

    An increasing number of households around the world are switching to solar energy. This is because of the several advantages offered by solar panels, including lower costs, abundant access, and being environment friendly. Energy companies around the world have started offering solar energy packages in order to meet the growing demand among households. These packages typically include the solar panels, an inverter, mounting systems, as well as other necessary electronic equipment.

    In the near future, the demand for energy packages is likely to increase at a rapid pace. Solar installers can take advantage of this market opportunity by offering installation services. This means that installers who have the necessary skills can increase their earnings by learning how to install such energy packages. They can also exploit this opportunity by partnering with firms like emerce.

    Energy packages are designed in such a manner that they are able to meet the energy needs of each specific household. The capacity and size of the panels are typically assessed by an external energy consultant who visits the end customer’s home and reviews the requirements. This external partner determines the package which is best, based on aspects such as the number of people in the house, the energy consumption patterns, as well as the availability of space. Based on this assessment, the installer provides the end customer with an estimated cost - Once approved, the package will be installed.

  • Where do you get solar energy packages?

    There are numerous vendors out there in the market that offer solar energy packages. You need to conduct your own research and choose the vendor that is most suitable for you. You can make an online comparison to compare the features, benefits and costs associated with the energy packages that are offered by different firms.  

    These packages mostly include solar panels, an inverter, mounting systems, as well as other equipment such as cables. Energy packages are designed in such a manner that they are able to meet your energy demand in a cost-effective manner. Before you opt for an energy package, you need to consult with a specialist who will visit and assess your needs.  

    emerce will help you in finding the perfect solar energy package that fits you the most. Learn more about the advantages of green energy and get informed about our services by visiting our online shop.