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Hear directly from our satisfied emerce customers and learn about their projects. Find out why emerce is the right supplier for all kinds of solar systems – from residential to larger solutions in agriculture or retail.  

Residential 7kW Solar Installation

This couple had a dream of an energy-efficient smart-home. With the help of one of our partner installers who installed a 7kW Solar System with a single battery and double inverter island system, this dream came true. Now, their electricity consumption and expenses have gone down enormously. They can monitor the solar system and their energy consumption via smartphone and if there are any problems, the installer can sort them out remotely. They have efficiently made use of the excess of sunshine they are blessed with in South Africa.

80kW Solar Installation on an Agri Farm

This is the story of one of our agricultural customers who wanted to make a commitment to the environment by reducing his carbon footprint. The solution we found for him does not only allow him to do that but also to comfortably monitor his solar energy usage online and also gives him the option of expanding his system in the future.

Solar Installation for a Retail Store

This is the story of one of our retailer customers who wanted to reduce his energy costs and ensure reliable energy supply for his business. He now powers all his appliances including freezers, lights, scales and computers with solar energy and is very happy with this environmentally friendly solution.

180kVA Solar Installation on a Wine Farm

This is a testimonial of one of our customers, a director of the Villiera Wine Farm near Stellenbosch. He was dissatisfied with the unreliable and expensive power supply through the national grid and was looking for a better and cleaner solution. Now, he let’s the sun do the work for him.

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