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Solar PV Inverters

If you want first-class PV inverters that ensure great reliability and performance, choose emerce. With DC to AC inverter capability, our solar inverters are easy to control, install, and connect, helping create an intelligent energy solution. Every photovoltaic inverter we offer also features a monitoring option for innovative communication, on top of being fully certified for use in your country. And with flexible warranties, not to mention global service support, you can count on us to deliver convenience as well as quality.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a solar inverter?

    As the name suggests, an inverter is a device that inverts the direct current output into alternating current. The conversion from DC to AC forms an important part of the solar energy process. This is because solar panels are designed in such a manner that they harness the sun’s energy and convert it into direct current. However, the direct current cannot be connected to commercial or local grids. These grids typically require an alternating current in order to function properly.

    As the adoption rate of solar energy continues to increase, inverters will become even more popular. The demand for these inverters is likely to improve over the next few decades. It is also likely that inverters will become more flexible in terms of their overall design and capabilities. emerce provides a range of inverters that are designed to fulfil your energy needs. For more information about our inverter and optimiser offerings, please visit our online shop.

  • How long do PV inverters last?

    PV inverters are an integral part of the solar energy system. These inverters help you by converting DC into AC so that it becomes usable. Modern-day solar inverters are designed in such a manner that they can be expected to last for a long time. The actual life span depends upon the type of inverter being used. On average, string PV inverters last anywhere between 10 to 15 years.

    At the same time, if you are opting for an off-grid battery inverter, then they last between five to fifteen years, based on the manufacturer. As of now, string inverters tend to be the most commonly used inverters. This is because of the fact that they last for a long period of time and are also cost-effective. emerce allows you to choose from a range of solar inverters. You can opt for the inverter that meets all your energy needs. For more information, please visit our online shop.

  • Can solar panels work without an inverter?

    Yes, solar panels can work without an inverter as well. However, they only generate direct current (DC). If you would like to feed your energy into the public grid or use it for powering your residential appliances such as TV, fridge or lights, you need to convert it into alternating current (AC) which is being done by the inverter. 

    Moreover, using an inverter gives you the opportunity for power optimization as it observes the optimal operating point of the solar plant and brings out the maximum power from the PV modules in every situation. Inverters can also monitor your energy yields and signal any problems.  

    For more information about solar energy products, please visit the emerce online shop.