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Solar Accessories

Every smart home needs a few useful accessories to make things run more smoothly, and our selection can help you do just that. From power control and interface support to high-quality sensors offering more reliable results, there’s plenty of solar equipment available for the energy-savvy homeowner. We can even provide surge protection to safe your home energy supply. Find useful solar accessories with emerce.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are solar accessories?

    A typical solar energy system includes different components such as panels, inverters, batteries, mounting structures and connectors. However, there are accessories available on the market, too. These accessories can enhance your overall experience and provide you with accurate data concerning your energy generation and consumption trends. Therefore, they help you monitor and manage your energy system. 

    One of the most commonly used accessories is a home manager that allows you to monitor all the energy flows within your home. Home managers also ensure that you can adjust your consumption habits according to your generation capacity. This is extremely helpful if you want to reduce your energy bill. 

    Thus, solar accessories, like home managers, can prove to be extremely useful for your household. emerce offers various types of such accessories for your benefit. You may compare these products and opt for the most suitable one at our online shop. 

  • What equipment is needed for solar energy / for a solar system?

    There are four major components of a solar energy system. All of these components are a critical part of the system, and it will not work in their absence. The four major components are highlighted below:

    The first component of the system is the actual solar modules. These modules include the solar cells that have the ability to convert the energy from the sun into DC power. The number of solar cells within the module can vary according to your needs.

    The second component is the mounting structure. This mounting structure is extremely important because it allows you to install the modules on your roof. A typical mounting structure is a very complex part of a PV system. Most of the time it is an individually-calculated system that deals with wind loads, snow loads and different roof surfaces.

    Another important component of the solar energy system is the DC/AC cabling. These cables help you to transport the DC power to the inverter and the transformed AC power to the grid. While choosing a cable, you need to be sure that the energy loss is kept to a bare minimum. The selection of your DC cables is very important as solar or PV cable is a special, double insulated cable, ensuring the DC power from the panels gets safely to your inverter. As well as the battery cable you will need, this must be calculated according to your volts and amps. 

    The final component of the system is the actual inverter. This inverter helps you in converting DC into AC so that you can use it. In the absence of an inverter, you may not be able to convert or use the electricity that is generated from solar power.

    emerce offers a range of products within each of the above categories. We offer high-quality solar accessories and components that help you in meeting all your energy needs. Please visit our online shop to learn more.