Three tips you should always share with your clients

Did you know?

Apart from the warranty period provided by the manufacturer, it is imperative to pay attention to the maintenance of solar panels. Since they are installed outside, there are high chances of them suffering from physical damages that may be caused by weather. Here are three tips that can help you extend the total life expectancy of your clients’ solar power system.  

Tip #1: Always choose quality!  

And by that, we mean they should choose you. Investing in a solar panel system requires to consider various factors. As a professional, it is good to have years of experience and expertise behind your back, but remember: the solar system will be the one that does most of the work. Quality work requires quality materials. You are in luck: emerce offers excellent solar products for you to order. With us, you don’t have to worry about faulty systems or any issues with the performance.  


Tip #2: Keep Your Panels Clear of Debris and Other Damaging Materials!  

Since their installation is done outside of the house, mostly on roofs, they are prone to have leaves, dirt, pollen, dust, bird droppings, and falling branches interfere with them. Cleaning the solar panel system regularly will help them generate the highest possible amount of solar energy. However, in case of any physical damage to the panels, they should always contact you first.  


Tip #3: Make Sure Your Panels Are Regularly Monitored and Maintained!  

Just like we keep a check on our homes, cars, and other valuable appliances, we must do routine maintenance checks on our solar system. Doing so will enhance the performance of the solar panels, ensuring maximum efficiency.  

The investment surge in solar energy is excellent news for the market. The costs have dropped significantly, making it more affordable to people who are considering switching to solar. We, at emerce can help you keep up with the increasing demand. We offer straightforward solutions as well as a team full of professionals and advisors, that remains at your service to assist you, no matter the issue. 

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