About emerce

Driven by future values

emerce is an international company that addresses challenges such as climate change, fostering a commitment to sustainability and green energy. Founded in November 2018 with the aim of providing people with fully independent renewable energy systems, we are a 100% subsidiary of leading global specialist in photovoltaic systems SMA Solar Technology AG, based in Kassel, Germany. This means we benefit from its 35 years of experience and stellar reputation in this field. 


Expertise with foundation

Under the leadership of Management Board representatives Stefanie Hegener and Sven Bedbur, emerce boasts an experienced, driven team comprising highly professional product and supply chain managers, as well as experts in fields such as logistics, e-commerce and marketing & sales.


Bringing together installers and sellers across end-to-end distribution chains, the emerce shop offers a one-stop platform for photovoltaic, HVAC, e-Mobility, energy storages and smart home players throughout the world. Our convenient distribution channel lets sellers benefit from a seamless transactional journey, while buyers can look forward to a wide range of diverse, high-quality products from reputable sources. At the emerce shop, everybody wins!


Beyond PV

Solar may be our cornerstone, but emerce knows so much more than that. Whether you want storage or HVAC equipment such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning parts; smart home components or security systems, we can help with our wide range of products and services. Long-lasting and durable, emerce provides fully customized solutions to your solar or smart energy needs, all easily accessible at our online marketplace.

Become a partner

Energy system expertise

Every solar and smart energy system relies on an inverter. Combined with our parent company, SMA Solar Technology AG, we have an installation portfolio of 8.5 GW in 18 countries as well as over 35 years of experience. Our approach to sector coupling ensures that there’s an increased integration of energy end-use and suppliers for everyone to benefit from. Active participation in all areas of solar and smart energy, from home rooftop installations to commercial business development, is why emerce can help everyone achieve their full solar potential.




International presence

Currently active in several international locations, emerce understands how to manage local regulations and product requirements, consistently meeting specific logistic and export needs. This means you can be confident that we will deliver the correct system to you on time, in accordance with the emerce values of convenience and quality. Operating chiefly in Hungary, the Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa, we plan to expand across further markets in the future.

Our purpose

We are working towards a more sustainable future – for our customers, their families and the world! We stand up for making the world a better place where the future is shaped by personal responsibility, innovative thinking, pioneering spirit, and independence. A place where we can all realize our potential and power our client’s ideas. We advocate independent energy sourcing to secure the standard of living and a sustainable environment. Our goal is to provide access to green energy solutions in all corners of the world. Join us and become a pioneer in the field of renewable energy! 

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